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       Wenzhou City, Zhou Thai Valve Co., Ltd. is a design, production, sales and service projects as one of the modern enterprise. Specializing in a variety of dairy products, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, beer equipment, stainless steel sanitary fittings, tank top device, take over the board, high-precision stainless steel butterfly valves and non-standard parts and other products sales and service. 
Advanced design concept Professional and technical superiority has always been a prominent feature of Zhoutai Enterprise. Coupled with the perfect system and rigorous after-sales service system, Zhoutai has won a good reputation in the industry. 
       For a long time, Zhoutai Company has taken "integration of advanced science and technology of the world for the benefit of national health industry" as its responsibility. By fully absorbing and mastering world-class sanitary valves and other products and processing technology, its development experience has formed a solid foundation for China's sanitary industry Brilliant solution. At the same time, our excellent and professional after-sales service capabilities completely solve the customer's worries.
       To do "China's health-level valve fittings experts" is Zhou Tai's permanent goal. Zhou Thai company is willing to join hands with my colleagues, Tongchuang China Health-class valve tube of the brilliant!

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